To Charge The Explo...
By mare_mate
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"Make something amazing out of your gift because not only will it bring peace and life, but it can also be what helps to find your absolute happiness." ----- (L/N) (Y/N) had kept her grandfather's words in mind and in heart throughout her life, longing to find this so called "happiness" her grandfather had preached about. One day walking home from buying groceries, she stumbles upon a villain catastrophe. Seeing as the villain held someone captive, she rushed to save the poor lad, followed by another curly haired boy. Events follow and she is introduced to U.A. Hero Academy; known to be the #1 school for hero training. On that day she had made a promise with that boy. ----- "Now, we have to promise each other that we both pass this entrance exam so we can take our first promises to the next level. To achieve our dreams. To be heroes next to each other." I hold out my pinky finger, and he gladly hooks his with mine. "That's a promise." Today, I also made a promise with myself. That this is the start of my journey to find it, Grandpa. I believe the Hero Academy might just have it for me here. ----- Bakugou Katsuki X Reader This story contains : violence, mild/strong language, and suggestive parts) Disclaimer : Boku No Hero Academia/My Hero Academia belongs to Kohei Horikoshi. I don't own any of it (obviously since it's a fanfiction) except the character and quirk of you. I own that cause I made it up with my own lil noggin. I do not own the art in the cover.

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To Charge...
by mare_mate