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By GodricGio
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Life is unfair. That much is true. Hindi lahat biniyayaan. Hindi rin naman lahat pinabayaan. Yung iba biniyayaan ng magandang mukha. Magandang katawan naman meron ang iba. Meron ding may magandang estado sa buhay. Yung iba naman biniyaan ng kalatinuhan. Pero pano kung lahat ng mga ito, ay mahahanap niyo lang sa iisang tao? Matatawag niyo na ba siyang perpekto? That goes without saying, madalas oo. And there's someone you really need to be acquainted to who has all of them. Meet Pervince Tristan de Realonda, the perfect relic of a male beauty that even history has had not known yet. He is everything that a woman would swoon over to have. A living fetish that has a smile that can make you wet, and a wink that can boil your face and spazz you out. Know of him, and you'll be delivered to the highest peak of orgasm. For he is Pervince, and his name implies a delicious desire of perversion. Pervince, a drop-dead gorgeous man blessed with charms. And salacious male beauty that can send tingles all over your body when he speaks. He can stun you with his playfulness. And has obscure and lewd gestures that can communicate directly to your inner goddess in an oh-so-f'cking-hot manner. He is perfect. . . . . or not. Read his journey out from perversion. Learn his body, fantasize him, every length, every weight, every volume of liquid that excretes out from his body - be it a sticky white substance or the sweat of his hard, rough but delicious labor. Know his love, his care and his passion. And know the twist that made him the man he is now. The man they call, Hospitality Man.


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by GodricGio