Beyond Tape 10
By AjxLawley
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The truth is hard you know, sometimes it's a big pill we don't swallow. Or at least we try not to swallow it but there is three things that can't be hidden long. The sun, the moon, and the truth. Sometimes the truth is just our own, or they're others as well. Hannah Baker killed herself that wasn't just her truth, that was our truth all fourteen of us. I am tape number ten right after Sherri Holland. Each of us in an order we didn't know existed either broke or abandoned this girl. First Justin, then Jessica, then Alex, then Tyler, then Courtney, then Marcus, then Zach, then Ryan, Justin again, after that Sheri, then me, then Clay, then Bryce, and lastly Mr.Porter. We could have fixed things, one of us could have saved Hannah Bakers life. But we didn't and that's why we received those tapes. You know Hannah Bakers life and it why ended. You don't know mine though. Hi my name's (Y/n) Smith and this is how I lost it all.

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Beyond Ta...
by AjxLawley