Love ain't fun when...
By lexygray
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Girl meets boy (boy 11 years older than her, girl 23 at the time), girl falls in love with the boy, boy falls in love with the girl, 4 years later girl gets pregnant, boy on cloud no 9, another 4 years later boy cheats on the girl with a new girl from work (new girl 6 years younger than initial girl), girl is left heartbroken and suicidal, boy moves in with new girl (new girl married, with child at the time of the affair), girl cries her heart out for 4 months and begs boy to come back, girl swears never to love again, never to let anyone in her life and heart again...that until .... One fine day, a 23 year old new boy from the same work place as the girl, the boy and the new girl enters the girl's life and changes her for ever.

Just find a way to smile

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Love ain'...
by lexygray