I've Got Louis Toml...
By SarahStyles_1D
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(Front cover by Sarah_Malik) 'I called you all down here for a reason and a very important reason, so do you swear that what ever happens in this room STAYS in this room' They all nodded. 'While I was walking home this afternoon I found a mobile phone on the side of the road and like a good person I picked it up and decided to dial one of the numbers to find out who it belongs to so I could give it back. So I rang one of the contacts and found out that I have LOUIS TOMLINSON'S FLACKING PHONE!!!!' -Claire Grey is just a normal 15, about to turn 16 year old girl from Melbourne, Australia who is obsessed with One Direction. She knows that she may never ever get to see them live becasue God and her parents hate her but that all changes when she discovers Louis Tomlinson's phone sitting on the side of the road. Claire's 1D adventure is only just beginning!!!


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I've Got...
by SarahStyles_1D