Lovely Little Lies...
By ccallis0246
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I present to you a multi-award winning novel. [previously titled His Assistant and Loveless Lies] "She didn't care about what he had done. He was the love of her life, after all, and she needed him more than anyone." _________ Evergreen just wants to get away from her immoral and toxic family when she decides to start working for Radcliffe Inc. Sure, working for Radcliffe Inc., her family's biggest competition, seems a little insincere, but Evergreen has pure intentions. Dane Radcliffe's intentions are far from pure when he agrees to hire Evergreen. With the intention of beginning a relationship with his new assistant, Dane hits it off with Evergreen. However, Dane's dangerous secrets begin to creep out of the shadows and into the light, while Evergreen's family is struggling with harmful secrets of their own. Dane attempts to keep his biggest secret safe. But people start paying attention to his relationship with Evergreen, so it becomes harder for him to keep his biggest secret hidden. All it takes is one person, the wrong person, to figure out his secret. If that happens, things will turn absolutely horrible. After all, most people won't like it if they find out that Evergreen's dating a werewolf. Will the wrong person figure out Dane's secret? Will Evergreen's and Dane's relationship survive the blows of this chaos? Most importantly, will the two of them live long enough to see the end of this chaos? _________ This book contains several elements of genres that aren't romance. These other genres include action, supernatural occurrences (witches, werewolves, enchanted objects), and mystery. Cover by @sunflqwers

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Lovely Li...
by ccallis0246