My Guardian Angel
By musicfreakforever
  • Fantasy
  • angel
  • cool
  • demon
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"You'll be safe now." My protector whispers into my ear. "My protector." I murmur, happy I was able to get something out. My protector chuckles. "Yeah, something like that." He says. Then footsteps go down porch steps and a car starts, then the car sounds fade away and I fall asleep. *** Ivy is a regular eighteen year old. Ivy isn't human and she is just figuring this out. Along with her new powers and other people who aren't human as well. Ivy is in for an adventure, because this new knowledge has changed her life forever. *** This is the first book to the trilogy Three Worlds, Two Keys, One Winner. *** Note to readers! I love all my readers, but if you hate mistakes / errors, please wait for me to complete my book and then read it. After I finish writing this story, I will thoroughly edit it. Thanks before hand! Love my readers! PS. I've written this is British English. Example, instead of color, I write colour. #294 in Fantasy

Chapter One: New Friend

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My Guardi...
by musicfreakforever