Double Sided Life
By Drina_Bloom
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Lucy is the daughter of the famous Jude Heartfilia, the owner of Stellar Modeling Agency, she can act, sing, dance and is a model. She is known and adored by everyone. At school no one knows her as Lucy Heartfilia, she is just a nerd. No one pays much attention to her, she finds this useful for when she has to leave early or miss classes because of some photoshoot or practice. One day Natsu sees his ex, Lisanna with her new boyfriend Bixlow, he decides that having a fake girlfriend will make her want to get back with him... I think you know where the story goes. Natsu asks Lucy to be his fake girlfriend and she ends up accepting. She tries to make up excuses for not being with Natsu and he ends up finding out about her secret....

"Hello Luigi."

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Double Si...
by Drina_Bloom