I know why you brok...
By Brookieebhooo
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A 17 year old girl named Amanda finds love in a blonde haired blue eyed boy called Niall after her boyfriend cheats on her. Amanda's life slowly falls apart with her dad dead and boys breaking her heart, including Niall. She slowly looses popularity and finds comfort in Niall. Niall and Amanda continue to grow tighter as mates and relationship wise. Its obvious that her ex wants her back and does any and every thing to tear them apart. The smallest things continuously break them up over and over again. Will her ex finally win her back? Will she finally give up every thing including Niall to become popular again? Will she find out what happened to her dad or if he is even dead? Will she figure out why her mum really took a long trip? Amanda's life is full of surprises but do you want to know about them?...... READ ON TO FIND OUT!!!!!

Chapter 1

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I know wh...
by Brookieebhooo