Book Of The Atlanti...
By HisRedRose123
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『нonoυrѕ』 First in 'Ciel Phantomhive' (2017) Now considering themselves as lovers, Ciel and Isabelle secretly court behind the backs of society; things finally seemed to be going in the right direction for the two of them. However, when news of reanimated corpses begin to circulate London, it's enough to spur the young couple to put aside their budding relationship and take note of the events. Their investigation leads them onboard the SS Campania, alongside the Midford family and - for some alarming reason, unbeknownst to them - a handful of reapers. There, they infiltrate an exclusive meeting for members of the Aurora Society - an underground association that aims to counteract death - who they suspect is behind the whole scheme. Their theory is proven correct, though not to their joy, when a live demonstration goes astray and a corpse begins to mindlessly consume other passengers. This soon becomes the least of their worries when they learn that over a hundred smuggled corpses are tucked away in the bowels of the Campania and, as if their situation was not dire enough, a collision occurs - one that is certain to sink the ship within the hour. [ Ciel/OC - Rated T for language, violence and threat ] !! DISCLAIMER: I own nothing but my OCs and the plot. Black Butler does not belong to me !!

Prologue - His Love

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Book Of T...
by HisRedRose123