Luctor et Emergo [P...
By eri_quin
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The Titan Kronos somehow changed Percy Jackson from male to female after the disastrous events aboard the ship Princess Andromeda. But there was yet another catch; '"she's" no longer a demigod. Not one of them, Percy can't stay in the camp and is forced out and must try to live a mortal life as a mortal girl. Hades gives her a new life in Los Angeles, where she runs across the Roman equivalent to her old life. Percy now finds that there is more for her in store, and that her old life isn't quite done with her. The Titan Atlas decides to invade her life as well, and her new home is becoming a little crowded and too much of the past still sticking to her. There's still those pesky gender identity issues too… A Percy Jackson and the Olympians fanfiction.

Diis Volentibus (Gods Willing)

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Luctor et...
by eri_quin