Quantum Physics of...
By eri_quin
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Samuelle "Just Sam" Witwicky had always known she was different. It made her isolated and lonely, despite her best efforts to fit in. Being a genius wasn't great at all. And then she met Dylan Gould, who became the Lex Luthor to her Superman in the Smallville best friend way, and she didn't feel as lonely anymore. Then came curious Starscream (though he poked at her like a science experiment and wanted to drag her into some alien war), overprotective Bee (who was unquestioningly loyal and sweet to her), and even unruly Barricade (who was really a big softie inside). And then everyone else follows, and she has a whole hoard of humans and mechs to keep the loneliness away. It was a rather bizarre turnaround from before. And when the AllSpark makes her its home, she really does feel like she's fallen down a rabbit hole and entered into her very own makeshift Wonderland.. A genderbent AU fanfiction of the Transformers movie-verse. External link goes to playlist. Website page to fic: http://lafinalearia.weebly.com/quantum-physics-of-the-female-anatomy.html

Twinkling Stars Bearing Down

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Quantum P...
by eri_quin