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By barbarawrites
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HIGHEST RATINGS: #1 IN #JOSHWASHINGTON & #UNTILDAWN & #2 IN #SPIRITS Bo Tracy is just a teenage girl trying to get out of her Lutheran Pastor-Kid reputation before it consumes her forever. Just like any other kid ever. So when the opportunity comes for a move, Bo is ecstatic to realize she can shape herself into who she really wants to be. And when she agrees to a simple night out in the woods in the Washington Cabin, she had only thought of it as a a getaway where she could get closer to her friends. Unfortunately, that was not the case. The night leads to great sorrow when two sisters, Hannah and Beth Washington are presumed dead after a prank gone wrong. Ready to redeem herself, Bo Tracy returns to the cabin with her now-steady boyfriend, Josh Washington, the brother of Hannah and Beth, with good intentions. But, good intentions can be tainted by the nature of men. COVER MADE BY @ girlpotterheadxx <3

A Prank, A Night, A Death

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NO MORE ?...
by barbarawrites