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By sincerelyleia
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Sang Sorenson and her twin sister, Sadie, move to Charleston, South Carolina for a fresh start. One far away from their neglectful father, their cruel mother, and hateful older sister. Their mother may have done many horrible things to them, but the worst to happen wasn't even from her. Sadie has lung cancer. Unable to do anything to stop the pain, Sang is forced to watch the only person she's ever cared for slowly slip away, see her entire world crash and burn. When Sang and Sadie move into an apartment at The Sargent Jasper, Sang's entire life is flipped upside down. Soon, she'll have fourteen more reasons to live life after Sadie's gone. When Sadie's time is finally up, all Sang will have is those boys. Watch as Sang tries to find out who she is, when half of her is gone.

Paper Hearts

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(on hold)...
by sincerelyleia