Walk-in: The Soul C...
By HeienJie
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They say that when a soul accomplishes what it needs to fulfill for a lifetime it could either be reincarnated or it could choose a permanent end. There is a third path however that is not known to the many people. That path is called walk-in where a soul agrees to leave the physical body for another soul to take over and continue the life left by the soul that has walked out. EXCERPT He pressed his hands on his temples trying to stifle the pain in his head but to no avail. It took about ten minutes when the pain subsided into a dull ache. His eyes felt droopy. He felt the claws of sleep trying to grab him. Despite the head aches, confusing images that were meaningless and feelings popping up sporadically he was sure with one thing. His name was Jamie but he was not their Jamie. 📌 4/15/2020 Number 1 in #Walk-in


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by HeienJie