Princess In The Pal...
By ponytailedClaire
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Not all heroes were recorded in the history, especially when the aforementioned history took place during a vicious power struggle that spanned two generations. Orphaned since young, Yi Ran was adopted by the people she called aunt and sister. Living a peaceful life as the tomb cleaner of the Imperial Graveyard, she was always curious of the world hidden behind the high palace walls guarded by the stern-looking guards. One fateful incident led to her being brought into the palace because she looked almost identical to the Empress Dowager when the latter was young. However, it seemed that the ties she had with the palace could never be cut off as the strings kept pulling her back to it no matter how many times she was thrown out. Sadly, when she uncovered the forbidden truths of the palace buried under the bodies of people who died so she could live, she realised that her peaceful days were gone and she could not even cut the ties off even if she wanted to as the strings were already formed before she was even born. This was a story of love, dignity and justice in a cruel world where such three words seemed to not exist. ***SEQUEL TO LOVE IN THE PALACE*** (can be read as a standalone) ***Full summary in FULL SUMMARY AND AUTHOR'S NOTE chapter*** #Highest 50 in Historical Fiction

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by ponytailedClaire