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"Mother.. please I don't want to marry him" I pleaded to her. "You know Eve nothing can be done now" She replied "Come on compose yourself you have to make appearance". Soon I was dragged near the entry from where my father escorted me to the aisle where my groom stood in black suit looking handsome but his eyes showed how indifferent he felt at that time. His disinterest in this was what making me to run away because he too didn't want this wedding as much as I. "Good Morning Mr. Evans" I said to him to be polite. All I heard from him was "huh". I filled my plate and sat down next to him to eat when he said "Look I know we got married and all but I don't want you next to me when we are alone. All you have to do is accompany me when I go to functions and look like a pretty and happy wife and for now you can take your plate and eat at your room". I was shaking in fear now that he was so close to me and I was vulnerable to him and he could do anything and I won't be able to do anything. when he noticed me shivering he held my hair in his hand and pulled me close to his face and said " Know this Eve, I own you. You are mine. Even though you are married to my brother you are mine only mine. So make sure you stay innocent like how you are now. Because if I came to know that you are not. I will kill the man to whom you will loose it and then I will punish you so hard that you can't even imagine".

Ch 1 - Unwanted Wedding

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