A Freak and A Demon
By Gothpunk123
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Changeling is going through something only Raven can understand. He acts like everything is fine but Raven sees through his surface. She attempts to help him but he pushes her away. But Raven isn't a quitter... "You think your alone but your not. Remember that?" Raven asked. I snorted. "Yeah and? How's that phrase supposed to help me?" I asked, no emotion in my eyes. "Because, it saved me a long time ago." Raven said, before walking away. Friendship is love set on fire by people who attempt keep the flame alive. It can't be put out by rain, a tsunami or any type of liquid. It can change a one's soul as well as one's heart. Helping a friend is not easy but Raven's willing to go the extra mile. The question is will she be able to?

Chapter 1:Hey, Need help?

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A Freak a...
by Gothpunk123