A Friendship Musical
By ScriptedPages
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It was the moment they all have been waiting for, that anyone would be waiting for. A chance to attend Celestia's School of Magic instead of just attending a normal high school like everyone else. Twilight Sparkle, the smartest and most nerdiest girl you could find was going to attend her first year at 16, studying the arts of magic and what lies beyond what normal people would know. Rainbow Dash, an athletic and competitive type of girl of 16 years of age and looks forward to the school's athletic activities such as soccer, football, and hockey while achieving her dream in being with the Wonderbolts. Rarity, a fashionista with a genuine taste of all things in the clothing industry and a mind set for using magic to make her dream come true by opening a boutique and sew clothes for anyone who enters. Applejack, a hardworking farm girl who loves to buck for apples and rides horses to round up the animals at her family's farm, learning to make others happy through what she can grow and build with her bare hands. Fluttershy, a more down to earth type of girl with a talent of loving and caring for all creatures, no matter what the look like and a dream of nurturing broken souls who have no place to go. Pinkie Pie, the craziest yet fun loving gal you would ever meet in your life! With a fun personality and a talent of making others laugh, she wants to bring people together through two things; food and parties! With six girls going to the same school, you would think it just sunshine and butterflies from head on, right? Wrong! For what lies beyond a perfect school year, lies a great evil that not one, not two, but six heroes will have to stand up together as one and defeat this evil while facing many enemies along the way. How can an adventure become more intriguing, more exciting then it already is? Because it's also a musical!! (Fanfic will indeed have ships!! Flashlight Soarindash Capperity Carajack Cheesepie Enjoy 'A Frienship Musical')

✨A Friendship Musical✨

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A Friends...
by ScriptedPages