Savior (wattys2019)
By stephyrita
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I was too selfish with my actions. I forced her to stay at that restaurant, even when she had said she wanted to leave, then I left her there, only caring about what I was feeling at that moment, not considering what the press would do to her and now I watched what my actions ensued. I watched her as she continued to scream my name but to no avail, I had stupidly abandoned her, left to be eaten alive by those vultures. She was never going to forgive me. "Paparazzi are seriously messed up in the head. WTF!" He exclaimed sounding shocked, obviously watching it as closely as I was. I wanted to nod, agree with him in anyway, but I couldn't move. I couldn't take my eyes off the screen. Something....something about her agony brought a pain in my chest that I wasn't able to explain. It tore me apart completely. I kept watching even if my mind begged me to stop, I didn't comply. I glued my eyes to the screen, watching as she stuttered, cried and begged for them to leave her alone. At one point she looked really sick, like she was gonna pass out, but they kept clicking the cameras over and over until she vomited right there on the ground under the rain. My heart ached knowing that I had caused this. I saw the look of disbelief on her face, as they just kept filming and clicking, regardless of what state she was in. Obviously realising what a bunch of demons they were. she screamed as her tears flowed freely, begging them to leave her alone once again, but they wouldn't. I couldn't save her when she needed me the most, but I will find her and I will get on my knees and beg for her forgiveness no matter what. I watched as closely as I could. Every detail. Every word. Every click, so as to figure out ways at which I would destroy them all! **************** Hello beauties! Thank you for clicking on this book, and I hope you give it a chance. This is my very first time writing, so I'm not perfect. Thank you again and I hope you enjoy! I love you all❤❤

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Savior (w...
by stephyrita