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Many people say that when you find 'the one', that that's it. You're set for having one of the happiest lives you'll ever have. For others, the driver takes a different turn. What would happen if the one that held the key to your heart, your sunshine, was covered by the clouds, or perhaps lost? Would you be lost yourself? Or would you choose to move on? Would you bury your feelings deep into the sand, and continue to thrive? Because, in this world, there are two types of people, the ones who continue to play on, and the ones tear up their music and quit. Now, its by time I ask, which one are you? ••••• Any images I use in this story do not belong to me, and rightfully belong to their respectful owners. I will be writing about some sensitive topics, and I will be adding and taking things away here and there if necessary. Constructive Criticism is strongly advised to be given. With that, enjoy the story

1 | The First Meeting

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by ii-starrydreams-ii