Assassination Helps
By AnimezTime
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"Reborn please don't let go of me! Please, if I have done anything wrong to you, tell me! You are the only one that I have left! Everyone else left me already! I can't lose you too!" Tsuna said as he held his hand out towards the fedora man. But Reborn only pushed Tsuna away and glared at him. "Let go useless boss. I have found a better sky than you so back off." He said with a glint of disgust can be seen in his eyes. Tsuna was shocked... more like hurt on what his tutor just said. Tears streamed down his face as he clenched his fist, until it turned pale. "I... I understand. I-If that is what you want... I'll let go of you all." The brunet said with a smile... a closed eyes smile. "I will never forget you all... don't forget that... Hayato, Takeshi, Ryohei, Chrome, Mukuro, Lambo, Kyoya and... Renarto." He added as he watched Reborn walk away... He smiled again... That was his last smile... On that day, the sky lost his own willingness to live... lost his reason to live... and on that day... the sky... has been lock on the cage of darkness and loneliness. His fate is so cruel... that even his guardians turn their backs on him... They turned to Vongola Nono's daughter who was found alive... even his father... Why must fate have to be cruel on him? Was it still not enough? Everything? Why? But will he be once again happy once he meets them? Class-3E? ||DISCLAIMER: I DON'T OWN ASSCLASS/ASSASSINATION CLASSROOM OR KHR/KATEKYO HITMAN REBORN|| ||OOCNESS IN THIS STORY! NAMELY FOR: SAWADA TSUNAYOSHI, NAGISA SHIOTA AND IRINA JELAVIĆ!||

Prologue- Part 1

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