Pure Feeling
By embloomfields
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He commanded the room the moment he entered it. He walked with a long stride and his shoulders square and all eyes, male or female, were drawn to him. There was no mistaking who he was as he crossed the reception area and entered the office where I was sitting with my boss. My knees trembled as I rose to my feet and extended my hand as Aggie introduced us, "Mr Styles, this is my best designer, Sasha Ginsberg. She will be at your disposal throughout your remodel." He shook my hand with a firm grip and I couldn't decipher the expression on his face as he dragged his eyes up my body. Was it animosity radiating from him, or sexual tension? I wasn't entirely sure I wanted to find out. AU where Harry owns a multibillion dollar corporation.

fear or desire

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Pure Feel...
by embloomfields