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The listless yet intelligent girl, Claire was awakened as a 15 year old girl inside an otome called "Queen of Hearts : Steal My Heart". "Uoh... I became the Villainess?? So Bothersome... I had to make everyone my enemy" Rather than escaping it all, she was determined to make everyone her enemy?! Wow, she really do want to make everyone go as far as they can from her... Even if she had to put her life on the line!!! Although.... "Tsukasa, Sora, I have some task for you two!" "What is it milady??" (Is it another one of her weird request?) "Steal everyone's dessert and change it to Dark Chocolate Glazed Cake with Black Tea and Honey...." "Another?! Milady, haven't you done enough stealing and swapping already? They seems to like the desserts Milady gave..." "No, they hated it. Dark chocolate is my bitter enemy and theirs too. If I gave it to them, they'll hate me and I can be alone. Now go and steal.... *Yawn* wake me up in 30 minutes" (Rather than hate, you became their Idol. They all liked you, Stupid Yuki.... ) "They actually liked you, Milady"(murmur....) *Blinks* "No they will... never... aaaah.... I am... the... Villainez..zzzzz" "Let her sleep, Sora, she'll notice it someday...." "What about these mountains of proposals?" "Burn it. Milady is only for us two right???"


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by OriginalSweetB12