The Scientist
By whisperedloves
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"Stop the car!" I yelled. "Not until I do what needs to be done." It frightened me to remember he was once caring and even kind. "You can't! You won't!" "I'm sorry Stella." He said determined so I shut my eyes tight to not see the end; I couldn't face what came next. * Stella treasured her job as a nurse. Her perfect day included working long shifts, drinking copious amounts of coffee and maybe even do some good by the time she made it back home. The only trouble she liked was one she could fix and if she couldn't she knew when to quit. But on the first day of her new job in upstate New York something bigger than reality brews against her peace. Past monsters try to suck her back in. It becomes hard to ignore there is something haunting her or rather someone. Connections begin to sever and her whole life unravels. Can she put it back together? Can she fix it? Or will the past destroy her? **************************** Copyright: All Rights Reserved to A. Sena Gomes.


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The Scien...
by whisperedloves