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[BOOK THREE OF THE "RIVALRY" SERIES] ❤︎ • • • Nicole Clarkson is the embodiment of everything you want, above her good looks and grades, she has riches, a luxurious lifestyle and the trendiest of fashions, from the latest Michael Kors bag to the newest Tommy Hilfiger collection. Well... she HAD it... until the day she lost it. When Clarkson Cooperation goes bust Nicole is forced to leave California, move to another state and live with her childhood best friend Scott Anderson. Unable to attend West Waters and complete senior year with her bestie, Nicole has no other choice than to enrol at East Waters, a private school with massive funding and a competitive social system, whereby every girl and boy is plunged into a world of popularity, rivalry, ranks and high fashion. Though old Nicole would have reigned this world, the new less-fortunate Nicole is faced with a big dilemma, for the sake of her reputation, she must keep her situation secret. But, how long will she be able to keep her secret before everything slowly starts to spiral out of control? It seems attracting both the attention of East Water High's champion player James Grimshaw and of the notorious, playboy delinquent, Eric Radar, only works to complicate things more. • • • - ❝Tell me this, Cole... What is a good girl like you doing hanging with a gang of delinquents?❞ He towered over me, cornering me into a nearby locker as a menacing smirk stretched across his annoyingly perfect face. My heart raced as he planted his hands either side of my head and I desperately tried to swallow the nerves that clawed at my throat. Finally lifting my head up, a cool smirk played on my lips and I answered back. ❝Who said I was a good girl?❞ WARNING: This story contains... a lot of snakes, tea and DRAMA. (Copyright All Rights Reserved © 2019)

RANKED || The Highschool System.

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