Fuck is a Bad Word...
By Irisone
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"Hey, you there in the middle." At a Panic! At The Disco concert, you manage to catch Brendon Urie's attention. . . Enough to make him fall in love with you. He begins to constantly brighten your day with your shared love for coffee, your duets, his smug jokes, and he never fails to find a way to make you warm up to him. But when you're met with trouble and a few bruises, what decision will the both of you make? To stay together and be physically hurt, or stay apart and be mentally hurt? "I'll never replace you, Brendon. This may sound cliché, but I couldn't even if I wanted to." Sequel is published! Go check it out! ///NEW COVER/// Cover made by me! @Maker_of_History made the first two covers in the history of this book! They did an amazing job! Gotta love 'em. [Brendon's wife will not be in this story. However, I have nothing against her. Much love to Sarah ❤️]


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Fuck is a...
by Irisone