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Why don't you visit Graphicland with me? (I know, I'm cringy as hell 😂) ♥️♥️♥️ Highest Rank: #79 in Non-Fiction Hello! Zoey here, and welcome to Graphicland! I'm not gonna say that typical stuff about how everybody judges a book by its cover though the saying says not to, because really, if that were true, why would you be here at a cover shop? #LOGIC. Now on to the boring overly-formal blurb... You guys can request covers on my message board or by commenting, and expect them back in a maximum of two weeks. Fill out the forms in the second chapter, and I'll get the right fonts and work my little magic. I make: ➡️ Covers ➡️ Banners ➡️ Cast List pictures/gifs ➡️ Any gifs ➡️ Award and project stickers ➡️ Profile pictures ➡️ Chapter Separators ➡️ Fake text messages ➡️ Edits ➡️ Trailers ➡️ Teasers ➡️ Outros ➡️ Book banners ➡️ Character Aesthetics ➡️ Custom graphics Also, please remember that you have to give me credit in your book if you use my graphic. If you claim a cover but decide not to use it, PM me so I can make it available again! Thanks for visiting! ✨ HEAD OVER TO 'ZOEY'S GRAPHICS' TO REQUEST A GRAPHIC ✨

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