Dance Like No One I...
By Frazzle_that_writes
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Megan Forest is an ordinary - not so ordinary - dance student from The Royal Ballet Of London. All she wants to do is make friends, have fun and become The Best Ballerina. A dance competition that happens every 4 years and is a one in a life time opportunity. And nothing will stop her. Well... That was her plan until she came face to face with her childhood enemy: Jack Peacock! He was the one that bullied her for years for doing dance,yet he did dance. He was the one she was up against, well that's what she thinks. Will Megan forgive Jack because he claims he's changed? Or will she be that stubborn 10 year old she used to be? Will they be haters or lovers? With arguments, love, anger, hatred and trips, adventures and competitions what will happen between them? FIND OUT IN- Dance Like No One Is Watching... Everything in here is completely clean so don't worry about it. ENJOY!

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Dance Lik...
by Frazzle_that_writes