Children of the Til...
By fishfingerandcustard
  • Mystery / Thriller
  • apocalypse
  • bxb
  • cult
  • gay
  • horror
  • lgbt
  • lost
  • male
  • pov
  • romance
  • self-discovery
  • wattys2015
  • zombie


(Sequel to When the Earth Tilts) "I remember pain. I remember cold metal. I remember blinding light. I remember when I felt like I was a torn sweater and someone was sewing me back together. I remember my eyes feeling like they were on fire. I remember guilt, and I remember fear. My name is Caden Bellroy, and I remember the day I died." Caden Bellroy doesn't know who he is anymore. He was alive, he was dead, and he doesn't know what state he is in now. He has taken refuge with The Uncles, but guilt of the lives lost because of him is slowly pushing him out the door; but maybe that's for the better, for he cannot give up on the search for his mother and the rest of his family. But one day tragedy strikes The Uncles and Caden is the lead suspect, and he is trapped there. Which would be better? Peaceful lies or abominable truths? Caden Bellroy is going to find out. The hard way.


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by fishfingerandcustard