Light of blindness
By Hesty0055
  • Romance
  • academy
  • air
  • allen
  • blind
  • blindness
  • blood
  • carter
  • elements
  • fire
  • jason
  • light
  • love
  • rich
  • romance
  • sight
  • sky
  • skyler
  • sora
  • vampire
  • victoria
  • wind


Skyler Watts is a seventeen year old blind girl. Her wish is to see and to live a normal life. One day she gets a letter from St. August Academy, where she gets the chance to be like one. but her wold changes when she falls literally in the arm of Allen Carter. Allen finds out that she is her mate and tels her that. But what Skyler doesn't know is that he is a pure/black blood vampire. after she finds out the he is a vampire, her own world will also change. she finds out that she is an element master. With the help of the four element users (water, air, fire and ground) and the two vampires, she will defeat and seal away the forbidden hunter. Who puts her life and that of her father in danger.

Chapter 1

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Light of...
by Hesty0055