Embers and Ashes (B...
By dreashane
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"We can't go to the cops. I look so so guilty. My fingerprints are all over Jen from checking her pulse, cool skin, and breaking down over her body. It wouldn't be a big deal, except for a few more details . . ." I trailed off. "What happened next? Ember, stop keeping me in suspense. I really want to lose my shit right now, but I need to know everything." (Unedited and tenative description) Ember and Shelby are best friends and sorority sisters. When a series of shocking revelations occur, Ember and Shelby embark on a road trip across the country to escape. However, they soon discover they are not alone and become entangled in things much bigger than they could have imagined. As the two of them meet new allies, love blooms and both girls are in danger of losing their hearts along with their minds. But can you ever really trust strangers? Both Ember and Shelby are dancing on a tenuous line that could snap at any time. The further from danger they travel; the more complicated their lives become. Someone is after them and they are just getting started. If they can't find answers and fast, humanity might just burn to ash. (And not as a metaphor . . .) (Book One in The Embers and Ashes Trilogy) Embers and Ashes is a fast-paced paranormal romance full of intrigue. WARNING - This book will cause a book hangover. Recommended for ages 16 and up due to adult situations. (Official cover and custom photography created by Emily Wittig Designs)

Chapter 1

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Embers an...
by dreashane