The Fire in Your Ve...
By retrolily
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Bane survives Selina's attack and is now living low-key in Africa. Natalie, an American currently living Morocco, returns a mask to an injured Bane. Unexpectedly she ends up staying with him and learns his story and that there is more to this man than meets the eye. ...but an evil is brewing over the horizon - and he has to face a truth he chose to forget - The League never dies. Deep in the shadows is someone burning for a war. All though Bane never succeeded in his destruction of Gotham, there is someone who wants his title as the one risen from darkness... That person hides in the shadows -plotting the death of a man deserted and alone. One thing to always remember about Bane - the shadows belong to him and that he is never truly alone.

0. Prologue: The End

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The Fire...
by retrolily