Famous (Jerrie)
By gloriousperrie_
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"Pez! Promise me we will grow up together okay?" "I promised jadey!" "Bestfriends forever?" "Bestfriends forever!!!" Perrie Edwards the most famous celebrity in UK. Her talent discovered when she's still a child and until now she still known by all of the people in UK even on the other country as the famous girl. All of the people love her as in all! even gays and girls are inlove with her. Jade Thirlwall one of the richiest girl in UK but she's not famous like perrie she dont care about the fame. Even tho she's rich she still have a good heart. And oh i forgot she's like one of the normal teenager supporting Perrie Edwards. Like a normal fangirl. What will happened if this two people meet again?! Do you think they still remember their childhood memories together find out here by reading this book. Rankings #33 perrie #44 jerrie #69 jade #114 little mix #109 perriedwards #93 jadethirlwall #68 leighannepinnock #76 jesynelson #28 jerriethirlwards #5 mixer #444 famous #3 jerriefanfic #4 pez

Chapter 1

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Famous (J...
by gloriousperrie_