you and I. harry st...
By wrightersbooks
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addison clark, lives in california, has a pretty normal livestyle, intill harry styles comes into her life. 1/5 out of the world famous boy band. for three years these boys have been stealing girls hearts . well not addisons. she really doesnt care for harry, she doesnt like his flirty ways. how he thinks he's all that. when addison goes to work one day, she didnt know that could chang some of her life. when she hears tons of teenage girls screams, her first thought is to look out the window. and hear come one direction. her boss always told her, if someone famous comes in treat them right. well know she has to open the door to let them in for safty. yet at that time. she didnt know that could chang her.

me.. harry styles.

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you and I...
by wrightersbooks