Broken Promise [Dar...
By LavaSheep
  • Fantasy
  • action-adventure
  • betrayal
  • crown
  • dark
  • darkness
  • darknessandlight
  • drama
  • fairy
  • horror
  • light
  • love
  • princess
  • romance
  • sisters
  • superpowers


After the death of Queen Violet System, the third queen of LavaSheep Kingdom, who was shot and killed in the tragic month of October 2085, her three daughters, Princess Marina, Princess Yume, and Princess Toshiyo were thrown into a life of grief and fear as the competition for the crown and the title as the new queen began. Working hard for this opportunity and risking everything, Princess Marina finds herself devastated when she realized that her father, the king, had not entrusted the crown to her but instead passed it down to her younger sister, Princess Yume, and fled from her home to rise with the new kingdom she would rule, called WaterSheep Kingdom. Lost in a plot of magic, chaos, and romance, Princess Yume stands for her kingdom with Princess Toshiyo and allies Angel System, Jasper GarcĂ­a, Beatrice Anderson, twins Lava and Flame, and Alexander Stone to save her home from the evil actions of Princess Marina and WaterSheep Kingdom, but nobody realizes how powerful Princess Marina really was. Little do they know that something much bigger is happening around them and that a certain fairy is lurking in the darkness, waiting to strike... ~ This story is complete and is currently being edited/rewritten. COMPLETION DATE: August 3, 2017

1 -- Princess Marina's POV

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Broken Pr...
by LavaSheep