Betting On The Nerd
By Halz1234
  • Teen Fiction
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Highest Rank: #1 in Hatred (20.07.19) #1 in Nerd (28.01.19) #3 in Heartbreak (19.02.19) #1 in High School (28.02.19) #1 in Betrayed (07.03.19) #1 in Jealousy (16.06.19) #1 in Betting (23.11.19) #1 in Drama (26.12.19) #1 in Player (30.12.19) ~*~ *Disclaimer* Looking for a sappy, dramatic, cliché book about a Bad Boy and a Good Girl? Well you have come to the right place! This book is everything mentioned above and more, so hold on tight for the cliché ride, I mean, we've all been there before, right? XD Brace onto that cliché wheel my lovely readers because I now present to you... Betting On The Nerd! ~*~ "I like you Eli. Give me a chance and be my girl, or in other words, will you be my girlfriend?" His question knocked the air out of me. Was this a prank? I waited for him to burst out in laughter, but when I saw a humourless expression painted on his face, I realised that he really was being serious. And he was waiting for my answer. And that is when my one simple answer had changed my own fate. "Yes" ~*~ Elizabeth Preston is a hard working young girl whose aim is to get through high school without being the centre of everyone's attention, in other words, she likes to stay isolated from the world. However, the school's Queen Bee doesn't really help her case, as she does everything to make sure that Elizabeth is belittled in front of everyone. Then in steps Edward Harrington, the rich bad boy of the school. He doesn't care about anyone or anything apart from himself and his two loyal best friends. He had never noticed Elizabeth before, not until the day the Queen Bee belittled her in front of him. Forgetting the existence of a nerd like Elizabeth was what he wanted, but an offer to bet on the 'nerd' changed everything. Stay tuned in to find out how Edward Harrington's journey turns out as he starts 'Betting On The Nerd'. Copyright © H.Y. 2017 ® All Rights Reserved


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