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Nimloth was an Elf of Lothlorien, until the night her parents died fighting for her, when she was a small child. The fight happened just outside of Rivendell's borders, and Elrond saved Nimloth just in time before the Orcs could kill her. She was raised by a family of servants, and also by Elrond himself. Elrond taught her the respect she knew for royalty, and she grew into a fine young Elf, who served under Elrond, and helped with his four children, Elladan, Elrohir, Arwen, and Adanessa. When she turned 1,980 years of age, Elrond sent her to Mirkwood, to serve Thranduil, the King of Greenwood, or Mirkwood as it was now called. Thranduil was lost, cold, and desperate for someone. He had little light left in his long life.. Only Legolas, his little Greenleaf, brought him joy anymore, until he laid eyes on Nimloth. The two eventually start to have feelings for one another, and their relationship progresses into something much more than a King and a servant should ever have. But when word of the two reach the other higher Elves, not many agree with it, sending them both into darkness once again. Their love, between a servant, and a king.. Is forbidden.

Avanwa (Thranduil fanfic)

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Avanwa (T...
by superwhohobbitlocked