The Theory Of Chaot...
By Toobigofadreamer
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There is a theory that states if two people with completely different paths find themselves entangled with each others destiny, one of them becomes the dominant and influences the other on whatever path was built for them in the future. That theory is false, and two teenagers found themselves testing it over and over again. Elizabeth Cooper was perfect. Something her parents were proud of. She never stayed out late, always told the truth. Above all, she kept her grades up in school and participated in everything she could. Betty was on the road to success ever since she was born. Jug Jones was a failure. His parents never cared about his future or success. They could barely keep the family together for a good meal at the dinner table, something Jug was never used to. Nevertheless, he was not reckless. Jug had his own plans and ideas, even if they were a bit dangerous.


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The Theor...
by Toobigofadreamer