Surrender to Your L...
By DarlinDoll
  • Romance
  • captive
  • duke
  • fighting
  • love
  • maid
  • servant


McKenna Swan was born in a time 1520 where children at the age of 17 were taken away from the comforts of their home and taken the the Kingdom of Anawalt. There the boys and girls are trained to become either soldiers or servants McKenna is taken away from her family and thrown into a world that she has grew up dreading. Now when her worst nightmare becomes reality she plans on doing something about it. What will happen when she tries to go up agains the Duke of Anawalt? Jimmy Meador is the Duke of Anawalt who is an expert swords man. He fights to keep the change that his late father has done to make the Kingdom a better place. On a early June morning he decides to go with his knights to pick up the boys and girls from a little village a couple miles away from the kingdom. But when a girl puts up a fight he can't help but admire her. What will happen when months later they meet again and she finds out who exactly who he is?

Surrender to Your Love

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by DarlinDoll