Reign of Sapphire [...
By P-Oenothera
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♛ He pressed a soft kiss across her knuckles, the caress sending a blaze into her arm. The air between them glimmered, and Evira could not miss the wraithlike chains that passed from her hand and into his chest-chains, like those that wound around a prisoner. "I am yours to command," he spoke, his words a lingering whisper. ♛ There are no such things as guardian angels - but there are guardian demons. And 17-year-old Evira has more than one. When two Demon Knights emerge from Hell and claim her as their charge, she learns that her entire life has been a devastating lie. A powerful goddess has set a deadly game in motion, and she has chosen Evira as its key player. With her dangerously handsome guardians in tow, Evira has no choice but to face terrifying monsters and seductive deities on her quest to discover who she is, "what" she is. Tasked with restoring order to the underworld, she must find the missing Demon Prince, the last royal of the Sapphire bloodline and heir to Hell's throne. If Evira fails, Hell will unleash unspeakable horrors on the mortal realm, and Heaven's destructive retribution will ensue. Warning: descriptive imagery may be frightening for some. Also contains sexual references. *Cover design by me. -------------------- [First Draft] *Sporadic updates due to other story and busy, busy life* Feedback is more than welcome. To let me know you like the chapter/story, please feel free to leave a star. ♥ Thank you for your interest!

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Reign of...
by P-Oenothera