By ShawMcKnight
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Is the end of the world near? The answer to that might be closer than we thought. One thing is for sure, the world as we knew it is gone. We thought we were alone in the universe. We were wrong. They came uninvited. I certainly didn't invite him into my life. His kind are lifeless with no emotions to speak of. He's incapable of offering any true feelings so why can't I look away from him? How is it that I know whenever he walks into a room? Should we take the lifeline they offer? Are they the enemy or can we trust them? They have the power to save us or destroy us. He has power to save me or destroy me. Winner of the Year in The Miracle Awards 2017 The Grand Winner of The Golden Star Awards 2018 1ST PLACE in TeenFiction 2017 Freedom Awards 1st PLACE in TeenFiction The Proximity Awards 1st Place in TeenFiction The Sanguine Awards 1st Place in TeenFiction The Rose Awards 1st Place Teen Fiction in The Lion Awards 1st Place in Science Fiction The Wolf Awards 1st Place in TeenFiction The Golden Awards Winner in TeenFiction WOW Awards NewComer Award in the Miracle Awards Master Planner Award in The Profound Awards 2nd Place in Romance The Glow Awards 2nd Place in TeenFiction Blue Rose Awards 2nd Place Gray Awards 2nd Place in TeenFiction The Rebellion Awards 2017 2nd Place in the Hidden Gem Awards in TeenFiction 2nd Place in Teen Fiction the Fallen Angel awards 2nd Place in Teen Fiction The Penguin Awards 3rd Place in Science Fiction Corona Awards 3rd Place in the Fallen Angel Awards in Science Fiction 3rd Place Unknown Books in the Blue Rose Awards 3rd Place in The Profound Awards 3rd Place in TeenFiction The Chaos Awards Best Summary The Melancholy Awards Winner of The Story that Kept you Hooked till the End & Best Plot The Ryid Awards

chapter one

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by ShawMcKnight