Swara..!! How could...
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#20 in SHORT STORY as on 3 November 2017 #22 in SHORT STORY as on 5 September 2017 #30 in SHORT STORY as on 29 May 2018 (It's more than a year the fiction ended) Hey guys.! Deeksha here.! As promised I will be starting a new fiction after ATSH.! So here I am.. It will be of the track when Swara blames Sanskaar for Laksh's missing and leaves to Badi with Ragini.. For those who didn't watch Swaragini (Which is now off air) It is the story of two half blood sisters Swara and Ragini. Ragini is married to Laksh and Swara to Sanskaar. But due to Pari (Sanskaar and Laksh sister in law) changed behavior.. She tortures her in laws and separates the family.. On the other hand she also manages to break the bond between the brothers and puts them to fight.. After the fight.. Sanskaar gets backs home where as Laksh goes missing..! Let me be clear with few things : 👉 Ragini's character is not grey.. In fact she is that old bubbly sweet girl. 👉 No where Sanskaar is related to Laksh's missing.. It were just circumstances. 👉 No bashers allowed..! If the reader doesn't like the content can stop reading.. 👉 This fiction mainly showcases the pain of Swara and Sanskaar only.. To be precise only Sanskaar's..! Happy Reading..!!


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