Purple Genesis
By LadyOfCythera
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At last! After constant bugging of Misty to Belinda, she was able to convinced her to enrolled in a real school, the Greystone Royal Academy. After years of homestudy, she will finally experience how to be a regular students and how to live like a normal teen. Amethyst Rosenzweig has a rare condition called Alexandrea's Genesis Syndrome or Purple eye disease. This condition does not affect the eye sight but rather give a perfect vision of 20/20. Purple eyes, white shimmering skin that does not burn or tan even exposing in the sun. She have well organized and proportioned bodies, never gain weight and pass little or no waste. Her metabolism ensures that everything she taken is utilized and she surprisingly stay fit. Added to this, her vision will stays this way even as they grow older and remains perfect to their death. In order to conceal this condition, Misty wore a black rimmed purple eye glasses. But the question is, how long can she hide it? What will happen to her in Greystone Royal Academy?

Purple Genesis

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Purple Ge...
by LadyOfCythera