Loving You Is Forbi...
By TheWitchAndTheCat
  • Romance
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  • adultromance
  • army
  • bike
  • forbidden
  • gay
  • lgbt
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  • russian
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"There is a charm about the forbidden that makes it unspeakably desirable" Anatoly Denisov, or Tolya, used to be a delinquent and member of a gang, as the tattoos on his skin testify. After leaving the gang, Tolya had to work hard to re-build his past relationships especially with his twin brother, Dima. Nothing was simple, but he realized how his family and friends were more than ready to give him a second chance. Oleg Azarov, personal assistant and bodyguard of Tolya and Dima's father, was the man that made Anatoly open his eyes and face reality through harsh and effective methods and bike races, the only common passion they apparently share. But something happened when following the duties. Oleg grew attached to Anatoly in a way he could not afford, as he could not develop feelings for someone 14 yrs younger, and especially not for the son of the man that gave him a new life. There is a line clearly marking duties and loyalty and Oleg is not man to cross it. Anatoly calls Oleg a "sadistic and scary bastard" and cannot stand the fact he always speaks of duties whenever he refers to him, but there is something he can't deny: the burning physical attraction he feels for that man. Yet, he totally refuses to listen to his desire. But what happens to this equilibrium when Anatoly, the forbidden fruit and sweetest temptation, decides that he wants Oleg and will have him no matter what? What happens when constant temptation is first offered unintentionally and then deliberately, slowly scratching the line marking borders forbidden to cross? What will happen when forgotten past comes back to taunt Tolya? Duties, desires, principles, remorse, lust, attraction, obligation, guilt, rules, forbidden, allowed, bike races, adrenaline, excitement, resolution, need, gangs war, possessiveness, unleashed emotions, uncontrollable feelings and love. The love you cannot resist, the love you cannot fight. All clashes and fuses and confuses in this story of forbidden love.

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Loving Yo...
by TheWitchAndTheCat