The Last Winter
By mb-oreo
  • Horror
  • basement
  • butterflyeffect
  • cablecar
  • creepy
  • death
  • horror
  • lodge
  • missing
  • monster
  • mountain
  • murder
  • mystery
  • mystery-thriller
  • revenge
  • shack
  • skiilodge
  • skiing
  • thriller
  • youth
  • youthgroup


One youth group. One weekend retreat. One last winter. Let the games begin. Two devastating deaths catapult Oriana's entire youth group into a heavy state of mourning and depression. Even her first semester at college can't shake this horrible loss from her life. No amount of classwork and new friends can distract her from the nightmare that had taken place the summer before. She returns back home for winter break with a sense of dread. The youth group would never be the same as it was before she graduated high school. Desperate to repair what has been broken, the youth group is taken to a weekend retreat at a big lodge in the snowy mountains of Michigan, with hopes of reviving the lost spirit of the youth. Things take a turn for the worst when members start to go missing one by one. Oriana and her younger sister, Nelia, quickly realize that there might be someone else--or someTHING--lurking around the lodge. Deception. Secrets. Revenge. Lies. Insanity. Terror. Will the youth group survive the weekend? ***WARNING: contains some gory scenes that may be disturbing to certain viewers

Friday: Meeting Ronnie (1)

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The Last...
by mb-oreo