Te Dua (Severus Sna...
By SnapesBonkBasket8689
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Gwen Argolli (neƩ Rhys) is a half blood. After graduating from Hogwarts the Welsh Hufflepuff went to teach at Durmstrang in Romania. Where she married an Albanian pure blood Skender Agolli, with whom she had one daughter. Following her split from her husband Gwen returns home to the UK with 6th year Elira and takes on the role of 'Language Professor' at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. What are her connections to Severus Snape? Why is Gwen's divorce not surprising? Will Elira ever speak to her mother again? How will they both cope with the twists and turns that await them? And most importantly of all... Will Severus Snape find love? ??????? Simple fanfiction, no grammar police or members of the accuracy army please ? All rights JK Rowling

Chapter One: A Fresh Start

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Te Dua (S...
by SnapesBonkBasket8689