A Perfect Utopia?
By XxTheDarkAngelxX
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Which part of you childhood had been real, and which part implanted? What if all that had just happened was a test, and you were failing miserably at it? What if your whole life had just been an experiment? What if you yourself was nothing but an experiment? Utopia. The world where everything has to be "Perfect" as deemed by those above you. But you never have a say in how things turn out. Domini Jetson is 15. Her best friends have commited suicide, knowing that they couldn't handle the pressures that their society has put on them. She was supposed to be next. Then she was kidnapped by the F.B.O.P., or the government. Now, she has to be questioned.She questions everything she has ever known. What if you were never as free as you thought you were? What if everything was just a joke? And this is where the S.U.I.C.I.D.E.R.S. come in. They are a group of people who have dedicated their lives to letting people live the life that they have always wanted to: without laws on how they should act. But in the final battle, who will you stand by? The people who think they are trying to make your life better, or the people who you have grown up with?


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A Perfect...
by XxTheDarkAngelxX