Throne of Byrinthia...
By Savy_Pearson
  • Fantasy
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  • demonhunter
  • demons
  • dimensions
  • evil
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  • labyrinth
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  • romance
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  • scifi
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When Laelyn and Beckham escape back home, they think they're finally safe. However, this is far from the truth. The instant they arrive home, Beckham is greeted by his sister, Grace, who he hasn't seen in five years. She explains that she has information, from their Father. And she isn't alone - she brings a knight from another dimension, who seems to know quite a bit about Beckham and Laelyn. And now, among all else, someone comes back for Laelyn, and they realize that Daeva should have been the least of their worries. In the midst of questioning themselves and who they're meant to be, they must navigate their way around the Demon Realm - Byrinthia. With the help of old and new characters side by side, will Beckham find his way back to Laelyn, and how to defeat the demons? *** UPDATED SUNDAYS! ^_^ *** [All language that may be used is to reflect the character, not the author] [These are my original characters and my own storyline. All rights, characters, story ideas and dimensions belong to me.]

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Throne of...
by Savy_Pearson