Heart of an Outlaw...
By conleyswifey
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Gilliam Tomlinson had had to fight for every ounce of respect he had ever managed to gain from the Texas Rangers. His late father had been less than an honorable man and it seemed that despite Gilliam's attempts to distance himself from that memory, he carried his deceased father's legacy along with him like a heavy wool cloak he never could quite shake off. Then the chance he'd been waiting for fell right into his lap. A gang led by a mysterious outlaw who had so far evaded any notice had been wreaking havoc and stealing cattle from the rich land barons of Texas and they wanted it stopped. Gilliam's job was simple: infiltrate the gang, learn about their leader, gain their trust and then bring them down. It should have been easy. It should have been a simple, cut and dry operation... but Gilliam had never imagined the gang leader would have such fiery green eyes and he'd certainly never imagined the leader would be a man named Jeb who made his body heat up and his brain shut down. What follows is a struggle unlike any Gilliam has ever known. Law, order and duty tell him what he was supposed to do but there was something about that man, something about that life, something about the way he felt among those people that just felt right. Now he faced a choice. Listen to the code of a lawman or the heart of an outlaw.

Heart of an Outlaw

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Heart of...
by conleyswifey